Foundations Class:

Laying a solid foundation is the first step a builder takes in building a home. A good foundation ensures the rest of the home is strong and secure. In the same way, God wants us to have a solid foundation in our Christian walk. That's why Great Word Foundation Church Int'l created the Foundations class we call NEXT STEP. This life-changing class, developed as the "next step" after our Beginners class, also known as New Converts class, it teaches some of the most important fundamentals of the Christian faith.

The Foundations class is six weeks and rotates continuously, so you can start at any time! Topics Include:


1. Looking Like Jesus teaches that the goal of discipleship is to become more like Jesus, and explores five key characteristics of Jesus and how to grow in Christ-likeness.

2. Making Wise Decisions gives biblical strategies for seeking God's will in every decision and making wise, Spirit-led decisions.

3. Developing Your Faith teaches what Bible faith is and how to develop our faith.

4. Walking in the Spirit explores who the Holy Spirit is and how to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh.

5. Overcoming Your Enemy teaches practical, everyday spiritual warfare and how to walk in our authority in Christ.

6. Using What You Have, teaches biblical principles of stewardship and how to use our finances, talents and time to glorify God and further His kingdom.

7. And finally connect you to a group in the church if not in one yet, or connect you to a mentor who can prayerfully guide you and serve as your adviser as you journey in Christ Jesus.