Great Word Foundation Church Int'l wants to offer you information and guide to the Christ golden experience that awaits you here in Ghana. We say Akwaaba, meaning welcome! Come experience great worship, spiritual growth and make friends with God's people during your visit here in Ghana.

You maybe planning a visit to Ghana soon or sometime in the future and wondering which church to attend when you arrive here. Well, no need to wonder anymore because you are in the right place. GWFCI is thinking about people like you even before you start your journey into this beautiful country of ours. We want to make your visit or stay enjoyable one so let us know what we can do to help you and your family while in Ghana.

Or if you are already here and want a place to worship we invite you to stop by or visit any one of our worship centers. We would love to shake hands with you in person. Those of you visiting other cities and towns outside our worship centers or locations we will love to be of great help to you find one of our affiliated Churches. KEEP US ON YOUR SPEED DIAL!  

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